I am in the process of creating this website, but to be honest I am very busy! Which I suppose is a good sign..  However here is a sample list of Clients and Projects we have worked on recently.
This system is used to record incidents within the power station that influence the stations ability to meet the power capacity agreements they have with N.I.E. This system has been live for about 18 months now.
This is an extension of the system above, but now covers all activity on the site, not just those incidents that effect the power stations generating capacity.
Charles Kelly Limited (CKL) is an independent builder’s merchant based in Letterkenny in Donegal. At CKL we have developed a sales and customer management system that is designed to give CKL a strategic advantage that they would not have gained by purchasing an off the shelf package for their business. Their business strategy is based around providing a high quality customer service, with product price a secondary priority. This system is designed to help the staff meet their customer’s service expectations whilst keeping the cost of this service as low as possible.
This is a document management system; it tracks the 12,000 drawings that are the ‘Blue Print’ for the railway network in Northern Ireland. The system is designed to track which organisation has ownership of the drawings and which drawings are the most up to date designs.
This system provides an overview for the management by integrating data from a number of systems and presenting an overview of this data. Each user can define a personal dashboard view of the business. From the high level data they can drill down into the data to get the detail behind the overview.
H&J Martin buy and maintain their own plant rather than renting plant from third parties. This system is designed to manage the allocation of plant to various sites and to charge each job for the use of the plant. It also is used to ensure that the plant is maintained correctly and is tested according to the legal obligations.
The Fit Out division require a customer relationship system to track the progress of tenders for work and to manage their relationship with customers and potential customers. This system provides a managed workflow from identifying potential work through to tendering and managing job won.
The Facilities Management (FM) division use a system to manage their workload and invoicing. The data held within this system needs to be transferred to the central accounts system. We wrote a data mapping, validation and transfer system to copy data from the FM system to the Mardak accounts system.